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Grover Ladd:
Grover Hayden Ladd
  by Gay Berrien
  245 pages
  Price: $29.50
Grover Ladd (1887-1972), a product of hard work and moral character, was born at a gold mine near Denny in northwestern Trinity County, California, living in the area his entire life to witness the many changes: travel from horse to automobile, ability to adjust to change by various means of livelihood, mining, operating a string of pack mules, keeping a store and post office, then running a 160 acre homestead. Background is related to mining and setting up a mining district, packing with mules and horses, history of fish and game and forest service, weather, Natives, and men and families who lived in this very remote and once roadless forest area.

yokut Linda Lookout
50th Anniversary Ed.   by Keith Hoofnagle
  72 pages
  978-0 87961-283-2
  Price: $12.95
A great history, mostly by illustrations and cartoons of Fire Lookouts in America, written by the author while living and working 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a 14' x 14' fire lookout forty feet high atop a mountain peak. Lookouts were reached by a ladder with sturdy railing and wide rungs. There was a lookout lingo of basic codes to report location and fires by a radio, which was also valued as a companion to the outside world and other lookouts. A packer with a mule brought their mail, supplies and water. Most terrifying, to even the most seasoned fire-spotter, were the horrendous summer thunder and lightning storms.
Basketry Plants Dear Mad'm,
Who Was She?
  Peter and Elizabeth Lismer
  160 pages
  Price: $12.95
Written by Peter Lismer, whose great aunt was Stella Patterson, the author of Dear Mad’m, and his wife Elizabeth Lismer. Naturegraph Publishers has received many hundred fan letters about Dear Mad’m most of whom were curious to know what she did after the year in which she had vowed to live on her mining claim. We suggested they might find some answers. The result, after several years of research, was this book. Included are eight of Stella’s original captivating short stories, each engrossing like her book, Dear Mad’m.

Basketry Plants Basketry Plants
Used by Western American Indians
  Justin Farmer
  244 pages
  Fold-out chart of plants
  Price: $19.95
Many Indian basket devotees are only vaguely familiar with plant material used to create baskets, despite the fact that basketry identifications depends on recognizing plants used. Thirty-seven of the most common plant species used have been selected. Each plant is shown in color as photographed in the field and also a basket using the plant. Specifics are given for fifty-seven Western American tribes, their basketry characteristics, weaving style and plants they used in coiling and twining, plus their indicative basket patterns.

Springer's Quest: Life of a Pacific Chinook Salmon Springer's Quest: Life of a Pacific Chinook Salmon
  Nina Gee
  96 pages
  Price: $12.95
Educator Nina Gee follows a salmon from the beginning to end of its life, its biology and environment as she chronicles its descent from the river of its birth to the Pacific. She imagines the salmon's life at sea from data gathered by fishermen and scientists, then trails the mysterious return to spawn in her natal stream.

Where Wild Things Live Where Wild Things Live
Wildlife Watching Techniques
  Dan Story
  128 pages
  Price: $13.95
Wildlife is everywhere insists Dan Story, yet wildlife watchers and photographers lament they rarely see animals in their natural environment. Skills are explained, even for beginners, to locate and observe animals without frightening them away. He suggests the best watching habitats including open spaces close to cities and towns.

Modoc, The
Tribe That Wouldn't Die Modoc, The Tribe That Wouldn't Die
  Cheewa James
  352 pages
  Price: $19.95
This book is the most comprehensive written about a remarkable tribe, covering Modoc history from ancestral times to the present, richly documented, non-fiction narrative with fictionalized inserts. Numerous photographs, some never published; also two never revealed soldier letters from relatives trunks. The Modoc War was one of the most costly Indian Wars ever fought, pitting 55 warriors against 1,000 soldiers.

Packing with Burros Packing with Burros
  Dave Daney
  144 pages
  Price: $15.95
A comprehensive guide to the selection, care, training and use of pack burros. Packing on foot into the wilderness with heavy loads for fishing, photography or small children can mean backbreaking loads. With a burro packing your gear you can arrive fresh and take companions who might not be up to the rigors of an unassisted trip. Many photos of burros on pack trips and helpful illustrations of burro anatomy and the gear. Packing with burros with his family for the past 25 years, the author has learned a thing or two to share.

Birds in
Nest Boxes Birds in Nest Boxes
  Charlotte C. Corkran
  144 pages
  Price: $15.95
How to help, study, and enjoy birds when snags are scarce Written for beginning bird lovers and professional ornithologists alike, this beautiful book has 150 color photos and information on things you need to start a nest box program, such as site preferences, nesting cycles, making and checking nest boxes.

the Native American-Style Flute Enjoying the Native American-Style Flute
  Henry R. Hermann
  112 pages
  Price: $10.95
This book contains everything a flutist needs to know to enjoy an instrument that is rapidly growing in popularity: playing, making, caring for the flute, and references to videos, internet sites and flute companies. Illustrations, diagrams, and color photos.