Book Reviews of Diving and Digging for Gold.

1. "There are many gold books in the field now, but this is concise and compact, as well as accurate and easy to read.

"Aimed at the beginning or part time prospector, the book contains lists of equipment for gold trips, for diving and mining, do's and don't for the field trippers, and hints from old time prospectors and professionals. The information about diving for gold is particularly interesting.

"Miss Hill's subject is large, so the book can only touch on the science, legend, and lore of gold, but the rockhound and outdoor student will find the pocketsize book handy and informative." (Lapidaries Journal, Sept. 1977)

2. "Diving and Digging For Gold is truly a fascinating little book which answers all the most common questions about the search for gold by a treasure hunter.

"All in all, the book will be read with equal fascination by rockhounds, backpackers, students, and of course, treasure hunters. Gold is being found every day, and at its current high value, it's a subject we all could use more information on. This book will be more than enough to get you started." (Treasure Magazine)