Book Reviews of Sierra Nevadan Wildlife Region.

1. "Sierra Nevadan is a splendid field guide to the common wild animals and plants of the Sierra Nevadan wildlife region, which includes most of the mountainous area of California. Sierra Nevadan (now in a revised and expanded edition) identifies plants and animals by arranging them in their most typical habitats. When hiking in a streamside woodland, turn to that section of the book where most of the common plants and animals of that habitat are listed. Readers can do the same with Middle Mountain Forests, Sub-Alpine Forest, Middle Mountain Meadows, Alpine Fell Fields or Meadows, Rocky Areas and Cliffs, Pinyon-Juniper Woodland, Chaparral and Sagebrush Areas, and Freshwater Areas. 126 of the region's common plants and 263 of its mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish are plainly described and carefully illustrated. Sierra Nevadan is a reliable, portable, 'user-friendly' guide that should be every hiker, camper, and wildlife watcher's constant out-of-doors companion." (The Midwest Book Review, Sept. 1996)

2. "A most welcome updating of Brown's (1912 - 1991) handy, all-in-one, popular guide crammed with information and numerous drawings, the animal ones usually better than the plant ones." (Taxon: Journal of the International Assoc. for Plant Taxonomy, November 1996, p. 733)