Book Reviews of Mystery Tracks in the Snow.

"On your next walk near Flattop or in Kincaid Park, take along a copy of Hap Gilliland's Mystery Tracks in the Snow. Hap Gilliland is an author, educator, and outdoorsman best known for his books dealing with Native Americans. As the dates of some of his drawings reveal, Gilliland has been collecting material for this book since he was 13--over 50 years. He has tracked everything from coyote to black bear, from porcupine and mule deer to ermine, buffalo and caribou. His wolverine track was drawn at Lake Iliamna, his brown bear at Chignik Lake, his whitetail deer in central Montana. In addition to life-size tracts, Gilliland includes photos of skulls and drawings of the animals themselves. He explains how to make casts of tracts in the snow, and includes a few 'mysteries.' This is a useful book for the backpacker or the curious hiking youngster who's always asking, 'What's that?' " (Ann Chandonnet, "Books for Kids," The Anchorage Times, Sunday, December 23,1990)