Book Reviews of Californian Wildlife Region, The.

1. "This third revised edition covers the various habitats of California and the animal and plant life to be found in each, providing identifying photos and lists of typical species. Students of California science and nature will find it an important acquisition." (The Bookwatch, June 1999)

2. "The Californian Wildlife Region is by Vinson Brown, and he covers the plants and animals of this visually exciting region. This is the perfect guide to take with you on a nature hike. Biologists will find this a worthy book to add to their collections, as will hikers." (Tracy Walczak, Booklovers, August 1999) 3. "With 650 illustrations, The Californian Wildlife Region provides a great source for field identification of the most common plants, grasses, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes." (Debbie Wilkinson, Pioneer Press, April 14, 1999)

4. "This represents vol. 1 of a series on wildlife in America called "The American Wildlife Region Series." The area covered in this volume is the western portion of California and adjoining Oregon and northwestern Baja California (Mexico). The book is intended as a popular guide to nature students, so as to enable these to identify the commonest species of plants and animals in the following kinds of habitats which occur in this geographical zone: streamside woodland, oak woodland, chaparral or brushland, savanna or oak parkland, valley grassland, rocky areas and cliffs, in and on buildings (only animals are covered), desert areas, and fresh water areas. The first part of the book briefly describes each of these habitats and lists the organisms which can be expected to be found therein. Plants are covered (on pages 31-126), the first pages giving suggestions to aid the beginner in identifying plants, the remainder consisting of brief descriptions of species. For each species, a brief description follows the scientific and common names, and is accompanied by sketches of several organs of the plant. It is claimed that by the use of this manual, the commonest organisms of the various areas can be identified." (George M. Hocking, America, Australia, et Oceana)

5. "Take this next book to camp with you. It is The California Wildlife Region, by Vinson Brown, a handbook of the birds, mammals, plants, reptiles, [amphibians and fishes] that inhabit the major areas of California, with descriptions, scientific names, habitat and a key to identification. Mr. Brown has been assisted by competent illustrators who have done fine drawings of their subjects....This is a book to keep with you while walking or driving in the valley and foothill areas of the state, a book to use frequently and with profit in the rewarding effort to learn more about our environment and the wild neighbors who share it with us." (The Bakersfield Californian, Feb. 20, 1957)