Book Reviews of Animals of the Western Rangelands.

1. "Here is a readable, "downward" account of some animals living on the federally owned ranges of the western United States. This is no guidebook, but a collection of 31 essays, each dealing with an animal's natural history - its habitat, food, reproduction, "enemies", abundance, and general behavior. The writing style is popular with information packed into every paragraph.

"We need more books like this. They awaken urban minds to the wild and living world that is by far our most important heritage." (York Edwards, The Canadian Field-Naturalist, July 16, 1990)

2. "...a host of wild birds and mammals are examined in detail in this colorful account of Western wildlife's habitats, habits, and ecology. The book's primary appeal lies in its descriptions of how animals survive the encroachment of civilization." (Diane C. Donovan, The Books, March 1987)