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Books On Birds
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Birds in
Nest Boxes Birds in Nest Boxes
  Charlotte C. Corkran
  Price: $15.95
How to help, study and enjoy birds when snags are scarce A beautiful book wih 150 color photos and information on everything will you need to begin creating nest boxes, such as site preferences, nesting cycles, making and checking nest boxes.
Tomorrow Birds Tomorrow
  Norval Barger
  312 pages
  Price: $12.95
Preserve our birdlife for future generations by making nesting devices, safe feeders and bird baths, and creating natural bird habitats.
Owls by Day
and Night Owls by Day and Night
  208 pages
  Price: $12.95
This work includes 16 color plates and very comprehensive information covering all eighteen species of owls found within the United States and Canada. Nicely illustrated plus range maps for each species.
Roadrunner Roadrunner
  Virginia Douglas
  48 pages
  Price: $6.95
Mrs. Douglas, who had many roadrunner `neighbors' gives a very readable and highly informative account of the `clown of the desert'; diet, courtship, nesting, young, personalities, and they do kill rattlesnakes.