Book Reviews of Birds Tomorrow.

1. " 'This book is for the birds, but I hope the people will get their chance at it first.' Fun things to do (backyard activities, feeders, bird houses, planting for birds, field trips, etc.) Nature's checks and balances. Interesting aspects of the ways of birds: nesting territories, courtship, singing: 'Not every listener can hear the songs of some species. High-pitched songs are the most difficult in this respect.' Bird research, habitat management, some aspects of bird hunting, interesting sidelights. The number of bird species in the world is between eight and nine thousand; the Common Eider has furnished large quantities of 'eider down' for commercial use; hatching and rearing young condors in the San Diego Zoo. From the lifetime notes of Barger, from the lifetime interest of Barger in the life and times and habits of birds in North America. 'Late one evening, while watching my bird feeder, I noticed that a male Northern Cardinal was busy feeding his mate. He was taking sunflower seeds to her, but before flying to the shrub where she was perched, he was careful to remove the hull from the seed.' An excellent, informal, very friendly guide--with plenty of radiant photographs." (The Book Reader, Fall 1992)

2. "Birds Tomorrow by Norval Barger is full of practical suggestions for preserving our birdlife for future generations. Fun things to do, such as making nesting devices, creating natural bird habitats on your property, having safe feeders and bird baths or taking field trips. Throughout are many intriguing facts about birds." (Eco-News, May-June 1992)