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Books On Aquatic
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Book, The Abalone Book, The
  Peter C. Howorth
  80 pages
  Price: $8.95
Marvel at iridescent swirls gracing abalone shell interiors, or exclaim over the first bite of an abalone steak. Identification keys, information on cleaning and preparing, plus plenty of recipes.
Sharks About Sharks
  Hal Scharp
  64 pages
  Price: $6.95
Hal Scharp dispels the myths and weighs the realities of shark attacks against the commendable aspects of this greatly maligned animal.
Pacific Coast Tidepools Exploring Pacific Coast Tidepools
  128 pages
  Price: $12.95
This fieldguide describes 341 of the most common species of flora and fauna in the intertidal zone of the Pacific Coast from Baja California to Alaska. Twenty-one pages of color.
of Pacific N.W. Sea Creatures Fieldbook of Pacific N.W. Sea Creatures
  208 pages
  Price: $14.95
Currently out of print
Over 200 common marine animals are shown in their natural habitat with color photos. A short description accompanies each species pictured, and its biology explained.
Guide To
California Freshwater Fishes Guide To California Freshwater Fishes
  Bob Madgic
  160 pages
  Price: $19.95
This guidebook, enhanced by William Crary's 66 species paintings, will assist in indentifying and learning about the fish species that inhabit California's waters. Also habitat photos, maps and diagrams.
A Card Game of Sea Shells Nautilus, A Card Game of Sea Shells
  Gordon Melvin
  Price: $8.95
These 56 full-color playing cards are a fun way to learn to identify the world's most beautiful sea shells. Includes directions for several games, mostly for all ages.
Vegetables Sea Vegetables
  Evelyn McConnaughey
  244 pages
  Price: $16.95
Complete guide to foraging and preparing highly nutritious sea vegetables, with classification, where they grow, and numerous recipes.
Springer's Quest: Life of a Pacific Chinook Salmon Springer's Quest: Life of a Pacific Chinook Salmon
  Nina Gee
  96 pages
  Price: $12.95
Educator Nina Gee follows a salmon from the beginning to end of its life, its biology and environment as she chronicles its descent from the river of its birth to the Pacific. She imagines the salmon's life at sea from data gathered by fishermen and scientists, then trails the mysterious return to spawn in her natal stream.