Book Reviews of About Sharks.

1. "...a valuable gem, this small book on the scavengers of the sea tells of the great fish and their habits and provides many excellent photographs for ease in identification.

"This work is a fine gift for those who seek knowledge of the sea and its denizens, and fills a niche in the libraries of many concerned with the sea and its viability." (Horace S. Mazet, Peninsula Herald, July 22, 1979)

2. "Scharp is an authority on sharks. He has been a student of marine biology all his life and has studied the shark for the last 25 years. Some of his knowledge of this fearsome yet fascinating creature is included in his question-answer format book. Covering such aspects as the shark in science and commerce, the man-eaters and fishing for sharks, he answers a myriad questions in a succinct, clear, straightforward way." (Diane Chapman, Peninsula Times Tribune, Nov. 7, 1979)