Book Reviews of Abalone Book, The.

1. "The abalone: ancient, unusual, for centuries a gourmet delicacy in the Orient and a favorite food of the California sea otter. There are eight different varieties inhabiting the Pacific, specifically the West Coast of North America. What do we know about them? Peter Howorth knows a lot and has gathered much of his experience with abalones into this little volume, including illustrations by Jane Howorth, vintage black and white photography and excellent color plates.

"While all information he renders is backed by scientific papers, the bulk of it is a product of his 12 years as a commercial abalone diver along the coast of Southern California. In the five sections of the book, he details the evolution of the abalone, problems existing and developing in the abalone resource, its life cycle, the different species, and preparation of the meat. Throughout, Howorth advocates sensitivity to the abalone's habitat, the creature's seasons and habits, and respect for all legislation and harvest guidelines established to preserve our diminishing western abalone populations. His perspective is excellent and his words are convincing." (Elyse Mintey, Western Bookshelf, Oct. 1979)

2. "The abalone may not be as photogenic as a whale, but it tastes better. That's one reason why if you've ever wanted to know anything there is to know about abs (but were afraid to ask), Peter Howorth's The Abalone Book is worth noting. The author is not only a veteran commercial abalone diver, but (happily!) a writer who has produced articles for Oceans, Skin Diver, Westways, and the like.

"In this slim volume (about the same thickness as a good abalone steak), Howorth provides an easy-to-understand key to identification of the various abalone species (complete with color photographs), a history of abalone harvesting on the west coast (both commercial and sport), discusses both natural (sea otter) and manmade (pollution) problems facing the abalone, a step-by-step guide for cleaning the abalone shell and preparing the meat--and a collection of abalone recipes, from abalone chowder to a plan for cooking abalone in the shell in a beach fire. Recommended." (Dewey Schurman, Santa Barbara News-Press, Dec. 9, 1978)