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Books On Native American, Lore
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Legends Anasazi Legends
  Lou Cuevas
  208 pages
  Price: $12.95
Songs of the Wing Dancer. Lou Cuevas, has translated into written form the oral chants sung to him by his grandfather. These legends reveal a history of ancient times originally created more than five hundred years ago.
Legends Apache Legends
  Lou Cuevas
  128 pages
  Price: $12.95
The author's vivid narratives capture the imagination and transport the reader into the world of the ancient American Southwest.
Lord of the
Dawn Lord of the Dawn
  Tony Shearer
  176 pages
  Price: $12.95
This new edition of the 1971 classic is about Quetzalcoatl, the great Indian culture hero of ancient Mexico.
Indian Tales Shasta Indian Tales
  Rosemary Holsinger
  48 pages
  Price: $6.95
These tales, charming for all ages, come from the storytelling heritage of the Shasta Indians.
Tales: Potlatch and Totem Poles Tlingit Tales: Potlatch and Totem Poles
  Lorle Harris
  48 pages
  Price: $7.95
These tales picture the atmosphere of the Tlingit culture far more vividly than a textbook can. They are meant to instruct, inform, and warn.
Going Nowhere/Maria Posa Turtle Going Nowhere/Maria Posa
  Davis Many Voices
  48 pages
  Price: $7.95
Children tales from the south and midwest. Stories include how bluebonnets came into the world and of a blind girl who could read the future.