Book Reviews of Turtle Going Nowhere/Maria Posa.

1. "This is really two books in one with one side featuring a beautiful full-color cover of Turtle Going Nowhere in The Plenty of Time, and the flip side of the book with an equally striking color cover of Maria Posa, Healing Wings. Turtle Going Nowhere in The Plenty of Time is a collection of seven lively American Indian tales from the south- and mid-west skillfully weaving together elements of legend and fact drawn from when the world was young and animals could talk to men.  A young girl journeys to the land of the Great White Buffalo and offers her life if the herds of buffalo will return to her people. Other stories include the secrets of a 200 year old oak, why the raccoon washes his food before eating, a blind girl who can see into the future, how a young man captured an eagle and won a new name, a courageous youth's discovery of Turquoise, and the comic adventure of how Rabbit lost her tail. Maria Posa, Healing Wings is about the graceful monarch butterfly and a mystical story of the beautiful butterfly girl, Maria Posa, who helps heal a shy Mexican Indian boy named Romero. Davis Many Voices is a natural story-teller who has dipped into legend, folklore and fantasy to come up with a double treat for young readers." ("Donovan's Picks for Kids," The Midwest Book Review)

2. "Davis, longtime Richardson teacher and writer, recently published the children's  book Turtle Going Nowhere in The Plenty of Time/Maria Posa....The 'Turtle stories' are written to explain common wonders to children and to inspire feeling. 'They are called healing stories,' Davis said. 'Written to give children a good feeling in the heart and quicken the imagination.' He has been teaching in the RISD for 20 years and writing a column for the Richardson News for ten years. He now teaches English at Berkner High School.

"Davis said that he's been working on this book for about three years, getting the ideas both from nature and from himself. He has written these stories, he said, both for children and their parents. 'I want to help children find a connection between earth and sky, wind and water, away from the television,' Davis said. 'I think that's what's missing in society.'

"Illustrations for the book were done by recent Berkner graduate Robert Hynecek. Davis noticed his talent when the young man was a freshman in one of Davis' classes at Richardson Junior High. Davis asked him to illustrate some of his stories in the Kaleidoscope, the RISD magazine, and from there the bond between them grew. 'I read each story and got an image in my head of what I wanted the readers to imagine,' Hynecek said. 'I wanted to help children realize what's going on in the story.'..." (Lauren Barnes, intern for Richardson News from Berkner High School)