Book Reviews of Tlingit Tales: Potlatch and Totem Poles.

1. "Robert Zuboff, head of the Beaver Clan at Angoon, Admiralty Island, shares with author, Lorie Harris, the cultural history of the Tlingit people in an attempt to preserve the traditions of the tribe. In this collection of seven tales, readers experience the deep respect the Tlingit hold for nature and the supernatural. Students can develop insight into the cultural significance of the potlatch feast and the totem pole as they read these Tlingit tales along with the facts presented in their social studies texts (grades 3 - 6)." (Iowa Reading Journal, October 1995)

2. "The little paperback book, Tlingit Tales, subtitled Potlatch and Totem Pole, offers a precious remnant of what was once a rich heritage of Indian folk lore.

"Tlingit Tales is published by Naturegraph and is worthy of inclusion in any collection of children's books. The author is Lorie Harris and the book is nicely made, clearly printed and illustrated with excellent woodcut-type black and white drawings." (Helen Jones, The Willits News, March 28, 1986)