Book Reviews of Anasazi Legends.

1. "It was important for Lou Cuevas to create this book, which became the vehicle for him to pass on legends, tales and lessons that he heard as a youth from such people as his grandfather, an Apache medicine man, and grandmother, the tribal curandera, or medicine woman. These notables, as well as their contemporaries in other tribal settings, make use of the oral tradition to pass on such important lessons from some origins so ancient that they go back before the written word. And this carefully selected anthology of legends guarantees that all of us have easy access at the least possible expense in terms of time and funds for a glimpse of stories whose roots originated from the Anasazi, from which the Ndee, evolved into the Apache peoples.

"How we receive such stories will depend upon each and everyone of us. You can go through this delightful book merely as enjoyable read. Or you could also seek out some valuable lessons of life. Such tales refer to a time long ago when there was reverence for our surrounding natural resources, held by the whole community, whose responsibility was to protect it as much as humanly possible. My favorite stories are the Legend of the White Shield and an adjoining, The Legend of the Eternal Prayer, where both respectively explain a common natural occurrence and the existing forested landscape. I am sure that others will have their own favorites as well. This fine book represents the culmination of the author's life journey: young childhood among his tribe, boarding school experiences, military service, education and work as a high school instructor and active storyteller for a wide range of audiences." (Chuck Hamsa, Reviewers Consortium, October 2000)