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Books On Native Americans, General
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Alone in
the Wilderness Alone in the Wilderness
  Hap Gilliland
  160 pages
  Price: $14.95
High school student Flint Red Coyote is challenged by his classmates to spend three fall/winter months completely alone in the Beartooth Wilderness Area. Flint carefully plans and prepares for the dangers he might face with the guidance of his elders. He survives a blizzard, a grizzly bear stealing his food supply, and exhaustion from hunger.
Bag of
Bones, A Bag of Bones, A
  Marcelle Masson
  130 pages
  Price: $12.95
Legends of the Wintu Indians of Northern California. These stories come from the Wintu Indians of the northern Sacramento Valley, where they dwelled for thousands of years.
Basketry Plants Basketry Plants
Used by Western American Indians
  Justin Farmer
  244 pages
  Price: $19.95
Many Indian basket devotees are only vaguely familiar with plant material used to create baskets, despite the fact that basketry identifications depends on recognizing plants used. Thirty-seven of the most common plant species used have been selected. Each plant is shown in color as photographed in the field and also a basket using the plant. Specifics are given for fifty-seven Western American tribes, their basketry characteristics, weaving style and plants they used in coiling and twining, plus their indicative basket patterns.

Horse, Hoka Hey! Crazy Horse, Hoka Hey!
  Vinson Brown
  192 pages
  Price: $9.95
[It is a good time to die!]. This book is a personal study of Crazy Horse, whose nobility and purity of spirit have stood as an inspiration for generations.
Earthshapers, The Earthshapers, The
  Karen Speerstra
  80 pages
  Price: $6.95
A story of the Mound Builder culture that follows Yellow Moon, a girl of twelve, through the months of a year, in daily life, migrations, and tribal festivals.
the Native American-Style Flute Enjoying the Native American-Style Flute
  Henry R. Hermann
  112 pages
  Price: $10.95
This book contains everything a flutist needs to know to enjoy an instrument that is rapidly growing in popularity: playing, making, caring for the flute, and references to videos, internet sites and flute companies. Illustrations, diagrams, and color photos.
Gospel of
the Redman Gospel of the Redman
  Ernest T. Seton
  112 pages
  Price: Sold out
We are proud to be a distributor of this extraordinary compilation of Indian thought and culture, approved by the chiefs of many tribes.
Greengrass Pipe Dancers Greengrass Pipe Dancers
  Lionel Little Eagle
  256 pages
  Price: $14.95
A true story of one man's journey through the heartbreak of his wife's struggle with cancer and the fulfillment of a sacred obligation: the return of Crazy Horse's pipe bag to the Lakota people.
Hoop of
Peace, The Hoop of Peace, The
  Jan Havnen-Finley
  48 pages
  Price: $7.95
This book is about the Lakota hoop dance, and Kevin Locke, one of the few modern hoop dancers.
In the
Land of the Grasshopper Song In the Land of the Grasshopper Song
  313 pages
  Price: $19.95
The authors, field matrons for the Indian Service, and only two white women in the area, tell an unvarnished story of life as it was in 1908-09 in the Klamath River Indian country.
Designs Indian Designs
  David VillaseĀ¤or
  48 pages
  Price: $10.95
This collection of 48 Indian designs, developed by cultures centuries old, can be used for ceramics, scout projects, needlepoint, metalwork, carving, and weaving.
Sandpainting of the Southwest Indian Sandpainting of the Southwest
  David VillaseĀ¤or
  32 pages
  Price: $4.95
This inexpensive book contains color pictures of sandpaintings with their interpretations of the ceremonial significance.
Talk Indian Talk
  Iron Eyes Cody
  112 pages
  Price: $10.95
Hand Signals of the American Indians. This is an easily understood guide to the silent language developed by the Plains tribes.
Indiancraft Indiancraft
  144 pages
  Price: $12.95
Clear, concise instructions for acquiring materials and making many popular Native American handicrafts. Fully illustrated.
Journey Ishi's Journey
  James Freeman
  224 pages
  Price: $10.95
from the Center to the Edge of the World. This gripping work of historical fiction allows us to see another side of the famous Yahi Indian.
The Upriver People Karuk, The Upriver People
  Maureen Bell
  144 pages
  Price: $12.95
Among the mountains that flank the Klamath River, the Karuk Indians developed a culture known for exquisite baskets, wood carvings, and expressive ceremonies.
Wheel Ceremonies Medicine Wheel Ceremonies
  48 pages
  Price: $10.95
Ancient Philosophies for Use in Modern Day Life. This book is based on the way Native Americans see the world as one interconnected whole in which each thing has a special purpose. Comes with a set of ceremonial cards.
Modoc, The
Tribe That Wouldn't Die Modoc, The Tribe That Wouldn't Die
  Cheewa James
  352 pages
  Price: $19.95
This book is the most comprehensive written about a remarkable tribe, covering Modoc history from ancestral times to the present, richly documented, non-fiction narrative with fictionalized inserts. Numerous photographs, some never published; also two never revealed soldier letters from relatives trunks. The Modoc War was one of the most costly Indian Wars ever fought, pitting 55 warriors against 1,000 soldiers.
Americans of Calif. and Nevada Native Americans of Calif. and Nevada
  Jack Forbes
  240 pages
  Price: $16.95
A ethnographic study of Indian cultures from the prehistoric to present day times, covering an area that today is known as the states of California and Nevada.
Americans of the Pacific Coast Native Americans of the Pacific Coast
  Vinson Brown
  272 pages
  Price: $18.95
People of the Sea Wind. Well illustrated, factual information plus epic adventures of nine different Pacific Coast tribes three centuries ago along the Pacific shores.
Maidu, The Northern Maidu, The
  Marie Potts
  48 pages
  Price: $7.95
Marie Potts, looks back to the days of her childhood to give an unforgettable and personal account of the history and culture of the Northern Maidu.
Osage-Life and Legends Osage-Life and Legends
  Robert Liebert
  144 pages
  Price: $12.95
The Osage traditions and world-views were handed down verbally through the generations in a series of beautiful poems.
Basketmaking Pomo Basketmaking
  Elsie Allen
  67 pages
  Price: $9.95
A Supreme Art for the Weaver. The author gives step-by-step, well illustrated directions for recreating the beautiful and useful famous Pomo baskets.
Indians of California Pomo Indians of California
  Vinson Brown
  64 pages
  Price: $12.95
and Their Neighbors. The Pomo Indians once occupied a large part of northern California, living in this beautiful area for hundreds of years without spoiling it. Comes with a color map of their territory.
Flute, The Praying Flute, The
  Tony Shearer
  96 pages
  Price: $16.95
Two magnificent continents were in pristine isolation when the East discoverd the West. Nowadays the news tells of global warming, over population, pollution. This book is about protecting our earth as a living being, and to become responsible for its welfare.
River of
Sorrows River of Sorrows
  Richard Burrill
  220 pages
  Price: $8.95
Out of print
Life History of the Maidu-Nisenan Indians. A carefully researched work of historical fiction on the Maidu-Nisenan people, who lived along the American River.
Indians of California Salinan Indians of California
  Betty War Brusa
  96 pages
  Price: $9.95
and Their Neighbors. The author presents this history of the Salinan culture and customs, a once contented group of California natives, now swept into oblivion.
Indians of Califorina Shasta Indians of Califorina
  Elizabeth Renfro
  128 pages
  Price: $10.95
& Their Neighbors. Shasta Indian community life, subsistence activities, ceremonies, marriage, birth and death are carefully explained.
Winter Count Sioux Winter Count
  Roberta Cheney
  64 pages
  Price: $8.95
A 131 Year History. Winter Counts were the historical calendars of the Sioux. The Big Missouri Winter Count is one of the best preserved and is featured in this book.
Journey Strange Journey
  Louise Lone Dog
  105 pages
  Price: $8.95
Visions of a Psychic Indian Woman.The author discovered, even as a child, that she was having prophetic dreams, and often was frightened by contacts with the spiritual world.
Tapestries in Sand Tapestries in Sand
  David Villasenor
  112 pages
  Price: $13.95
The author explains the inner meaning of some 30 sandpaintings, such as the Whirling Rainbows, Chiricahua Sun Sandpainting, and Big Thunder.
Top of
the Hill Top of the Hill
  Morris Taylor
  64 pages
  Price: $4.95
A story suited for young readers about two friends, one very young, the other very old, and their separation by death.
Voices of
Earth and Sky Voices of Earth and Sky
  Vinson Brown
  177 pages
  Price: $10.95
The Vision Life of the Native Americans. The purpose of the vision search is not only to find a vision, but to find in it help for yourself to lead a better life.
of the Rainbow Warriors of the Rainbow
  144 pages
  Price: $13.95
Strange & Prophetic Dreams of the Indian People This is a touching story of a great grandmother instilling the Indian spirit in her great grandson. It gives guidelines for a glorious future: "We have had enough now of talk. Let there be deeds."
(Present edition is sold out. Revised, expanded edition planned for Fall 2016.)
Erase Your Footprints, The Winds Erase Your Footprints, The
  Shiyowin Miller
  335 pages
  Price: $19.95
A true authentic account of a newly wed Navajo man and white woman who leave Hollywood to live with his family in a hogan in the 1930s. Their aim is a lifestyle combining the best of Anglo civilization and Navajo culture. Suspense throughout, combined with Navajo witchcraft, but fate brings their story of true love and achievement to an unexpected end.
Indians of Califorina Wintun Indians of Califorina
  Peter Knudtson
  96 pages
  Price: $10.95
& Their Neighbors. This easy-to-read, interesting ethnographic study gives a picture of Wintun cultural life as it existed in pre-white times. A 17 x 22" color map of their territory is included.
yokut Yokuts and Paiute Songs and Culture
  Alfred Pietroforte
  64 pages
  Price: $15.95
Comes with a CD of the 25 songs given in the book. The project of obtaining the old time songs was almost too late as already many of the oldtimers had passed away along with their songs. Twenty-five of these old songs are herein preserved and photos of many of the songsters. Much of the history surrouding music of the era is given. Book is embraced by schools, museums, musicologists, Smithsonian and other institutes.