Book Reviews of Warriors of the Rainbow.

1. "In the two years of work that went into the preparation of the book, William Willoya did the most travelling, visiting dozens of Indian tribes all over western North America and learning about their prophetic visions. But Vinson Brown visited the Hopi, the Pitt River Indians, the Pomo, and the Paiutes, and did most of the research in the Anthropological literature on the subject. The two authors maintain that the old-time Indians, before the white men came, had great spiritual and psychic power, that they foresaw correctly much of what was going to happen to their peoples, and that, though much of this power has been lost because of the crushing of the tribes by white civilization, it can come back again.

"The stories of the dreams themselves are very strange and fascinating. They seem to fit into a meaningful and significant pattern that is presented and explained in the climax of the book in a dramatic way. Though you may not agree with their conclusions, you will find them challenging, and if true, certainly full of hope and glory, peace and understanding for all mankind." (The Sonoma County Herald Reporter, February 8, 1963)

2. "Books, like people, have character. Each one is distinctive as to vibration, its aura indicative of all that has gone into its creation--not necessarily its content. From the moment this little volume was in hand there was a longing to make it come alive for the reader. In volume 3 of her Old Testament Interpretation, Corinne Heline records the promised coming of the Great Sun Spirit as it was repeated in one after another of the ancient world religions. Herein that promise is verified and vitalized through the prophetic utterances of our own American Indians, especially the Eskimos. Its certainty is not to be denied. Never will the reader doubt the visions or their interpretations. Those of William Willoya, a native of the far, far North, are unforgettable. The symbolism of these visions is vividly depicted in startlingly graphic paintings by Indian artists, reproduced in magnificent colors. Read and learn!" (New Age Interpreter, 3rd quarter, 1963)