Book Information of The Praying Flute.

This story about a little girl, a special flute and the little people who guard all living things inspires responsibility for the welfare of the earth. It takes place in an Indian village back East, where Little Girl lives. She meets the earth guardians, Quill, and other little people, and is given a flute with which to `pray' for the rivers, trees, and the land wherever there is pollution to be removed. After a long, long time she becomes known as Old Flute Lady. The story of Little Girl is perfect for young people, but it charms adults equally well.

The flute is real, and Tony Shearer has taken it to the four corners of the world to awaken awareness of Mother Earth, especially in the children, for they hold the future in their hands.

1. I had the pleasure of reviewing one of Shearer's other books, Lord of the Dawnmany years ago. He carries the same theme that we need to be good stewards of the Earth Mother, the land. Shearer died in May of 2002 at 75 years of age. But many people carry his memory in their demands that we continue to care for Mother Earth. The other theme in the book follows a story where a little girl received a flute so she could play and pray for all of our many natural resources. Eventually this girl grew up and became known as the Old Flute Lady. Appendices include the author writing about his early life where he traveled many places as a nomad until he returned to Colorado. His oldest daughter, Dena Shearer Feld (who currently holds the copyright) recounts her father's love in meeting new friends and being outdoors as much as possible. --Chuck Hamsa, Reviewers Consortium, September 2005