Book Reviews of Pomo Basketmaking.

1. "Elsie Allen made a pledge to her mother that she would carry on the Pomo tradition of basketmaking. She did not get the chance to make good on this promise until she was 62 years of age. Since that time she has become a renowned basketweaver and teacher at the Mendocino Art Center.

"Filled with pen and ink illustrations and photographs, Pomo Basketmaking covers the traditional way to gather materials in nature, the designs, and the different forms of baskets. Mrs. Allen takes the reader step by step through creating coiled, feather, twine and baby baskets, always letting us know their traditional uses.

"This writer highly recommends Pomo Basketmaking for those who are not only interested in basketweaving, but how traditions can survive because of the efforts of individuals, such as Elsie Allen." (Carol Casey, Reviewers Consortium, October 1996)

2. "This book is of interest to both those who enjoy and love Indian basketry and those who are fortunate enough to know how to weave. Through text and illustration we follow the making of a basket from the gathering and preparing of the materials to the finished work of art. Also included in this book is a short autobiography of Mrs. Allen, the author and an accomplished weaver." (The Masterkey, July-Sept. 1973)