Book Information of Basketry Plants.

Experience has shown that a substantial number of Indian basket devotees are only vaguely familiar with plant materials used to create baskets, despite the fact that basketry identification depends, to a great extent, on recognizing the species of plants used in their construction. In this book Justin Farmer has selected thirty-seven of the most common plant species used by western North American and Canadian Indian basket makers. Photos of each plant are shown as they may be found in nature and in a basket. Specifics on fifty-seven western North American tribes are discussed, as well as their technics and patterns arranged in a comparative format

Justin Farmer traces his heritage to the Ipai (northern Diegueno) band of “Mission” Indians of southern California. He learned basket making from an elderly cousin and has offered approximately thirty-five classes in making these baskets. He is an ardent weaver, collector, and student of Indian basketry and is very active in Indian basketry and cultural circles. He has written extensively on the subject and has been awarded many commendations for these efforts.