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NEW BOOK ON TRINITY COUNTY HISTORY Grover Ladd, a backwoodsman, miner, and rancher who lived up New River in northwestern Trinity County all his life, is the subject of a new book by Big Bar resident Gay Berrien, who knew Ladd. Grover Hayden Ladd, A New River Packer, describes Ladd, his friends, and how the Ladd family evolved from gold mining to store keeping, handling a 40-mule pack train, and homesteading a 160-acre ranch. The book also includes histories of the local Forest Service, significant weather events, fish and game regulations, the school system, and a description of the New River Shasta and Chimariko Indians who lived in the area before them. Ladd's father, Frank, first traveled up to the headwaters of New River in 1883, and, with a group of miners, the next year founded the New River Mining District and three mining camps, New River City (Denny, Old Denny), White Rock (Coeur), and Marysville. In 1886 Ladd married Ellen Elizabeth "Nellie" Graham and the couple had two sons, both born at the Ladds' Mountain Boomer Mine. Grover was born in 1887 and Willard in 1889. During the 1880s through the late 1890s, hardrock gold mines kept the place populated with miners and supporting businesses, but by the early 1900s there were few residents left. The Ladds had adapted to change, continuing to mine, but also taking over the general store and post office at Old Denny and then operating a large mule pack train. Grover and Willard began a homesteading process 20 miles downstream, at the present site of Denny, in 1920, and their parents moved down in 1921, bringing the post office with them. After Frank and Nellie died, Grover and Willard continued operating the store, post office, ranch, and pack train. Willard died in 1961 and Grover died in 1972, at the age of 85. The book includes dozens of the Ladd family and of the old-time residents photographs which are archived at the Jake Jackson Museum in Weaverville, and is a sequel to Dr. Valerie Budig-Markin's 2004 book on Grover Ladd's mother, Nellie E. Ladd, Mining Camp Photographer of the Trinity Alps, 1859-1922.