Book Information of Water: Fascinating Facts.

And you thought you knew all about water! This book contains a vast array of strange and wondrous facts about the world’s most commonplace substance—WATER.

Scientist Loren Eiseley of University of Pennsylvania says, “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” Most people know water is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen, but precisely how are these two flammable gases able to join and become liquid? Water flows downhill to seek its level, yet how does it miraculously get to the top of the tallest trees? How do snowflakes, although never identical, after being buffeted around by turbulent, atmospheric winds manage to always have a six-pointed design?

Did you know there are approximately 10,000 thunderstorms every day throughout the world? You will learn that the energy released during a thunderstorm can equal that of a nuclear bomb. Lightning has the power to create nitrogen in the atmosphere and rain drives nitrogen into the soil without which the plant world would be unable to produce food for the animal kingdom. Even the beginning of our food chain, the diatom, began in water. And rainbows, what precisely are they?

Aside from many mysteries surrounding its existence, water has been crucial to the elevation of civilization, from the water wheel and primitive irrigation systems to steam power and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, on to modern technology.

The water on earth today is the same water that existed billions of years ago—no more, no less—continually recycled and refreshed in its various forms as water, vapor, and ice. At the close of the book is a whimsical, educational story, The Long Journey. Through the outlandish adventures of two raindrops, a clearer concept is gained of this worldwide, never-ending cycle.

Frank D. Burk, a life-long student of nature, has the ability to take obscure scientific facts and explain them in a clear and engaging manner.

1.Chuck Hamsa says: I decided to add "Young adult literature" to the subjects for this well done book. The author covers all aspects of the earliest scientific discoveries of water's components, including its earliest uses for service to mankind for growing the earliest crops, to providing power for the Industrial Revolution. We often take such elements as being both continuing and plentiful in our modern everyday lives. Burk takes great care to present us with needed concerns for pollution and such without driving such concerns home with a hammer. The author had to be very well versed in his subject to be able to present it in such a well done and direct manner. I highly recommend such a book for anyone's children or grandchildren as well as the many readers who simply want to review such important information. Chuck Hamsa, Reviewers Consortium, Lafayette, Louisiana. March 19, 2006

2. Did you know that the water on earth today is the same water that existed billions of years ago? This natural history reference book by Frank Burk reveals strange and wondrous facts about a substance that is commonly taken for granted: water. In addition to discussions on the mystery of snowflakes, the power of water and perils of pollution (to name a few), this book closes with an educational story called The Long Journey. The story clearly illustrates the concept of the never ending water cycle. This book would be helpful to teachers presenting units on ecology and natural sciences as well as students researching water and it mystical power. Jennifer F. Jones Oneota Reading Journal, Decorah, Iowa, Fall 2006 Issue