Book Reviews of Healing Wonders.

1. "This slim volume brings together the stories of ten healers in their own words. They came to their profession by different means and developed unique methods of natural healing. Their diversity of backgrounds and the reasons that they became healers are as intriguing as the type of healing that they perform. The author, a visualization consultant, selected a variety of different techniques from deep muscle therapy to psychic surgery and reflexology to music therapy. Scattered throughout the pages of favorite case studies and methodology are practical things, such as how to make sprouts, healthful recipes and a reflexology diagram of the foot. The only problem with this book is that each profile is too brief. We receive only a glimpse into the life and philosophy of these remarkable people.

Healing a good introduction to readers interested in natural healing methods. Presenting the methods through the practitioners, rather than dry explanatory prose, makes the subject more accessible to readers who are new to the holistic approach to health." (Carol Casey, Holistic Health News, Sept. 1996)