Book Reviews of Forests, Fires, and Wild Things.

1. "Ranger" as used in these tales includes everyone working for the Forest Service, whether he is a timber beast, engineer, mechanic, foreman, forester, lookout, biologist, landscape architect, construction worker, equipment operator, fire prevention technician, fuel manager, recreation assistant, snow ranger, or "somethin' else." A ranger is all of these, plus being an ecologist, economist, business manager, counselor, administrator, and housemother. He plans, he manages, guides, directs, leads, follows, and has a tremendous amount of responsibility to a multitude of people. His dealings with ranchers, loggers, hunters, fishermen, contractors, skiers, snow-mobilers, land owners, railroaders, hippies and spiritual groups, plus many other folks with various avocations, make the job a challenge, a pleasure, a frustration, and one of a great sense of accomplishment and unbounding interest.

The stories you are about to read are all true, and have happened to the writer, or to his associates over a period from 1942 to 1976. Names are real and it is hoped that no one is offended or embarrassed by the use of their names. (from the preface of Forests, Fires, and Wild Things)