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Books On Baha'i
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Adventures of Dawn-Breaker Adventures of Dawn-Breaker
  Gina Garcia
  208 pages
  Price: $8.95
This is a story of two people sailing across the Pacific Ocean on their 40 foot trimaran, visiting far away islands, and sharing the message of Baha'u'llah.
Revisited, The: Selected Essays Bible Revisited, The: Selected Essays
  George Savitt
  200 pages
  Price: $8.95
Many find the author's Baha'i-inspired ideas refreshingly different from standard Christian interpretations. A long-time columnist for the Miami Times, these essays are taken from his column, "Phil Ossofer".
Rich Created Rich
  Patrick Barker
  208 pages
  Price: $9.95
Out of print
How Spiritual Attitudes and Material Means Work Together to Achieve Prosperity: Teaches both the spirtual and practical principles of wealth acquisition.
Points of God, The Dawning Points of God, The
  George W. Adams
  48 pages
  Price: $5.95
This book examines and ties together the missions of nine great prophets, revealing the common spiritual thread which binds them into one supreme purpose. A concise introduction to the pivotal concept of progressive revelation.
Incredible Paradox, The Incredible Paradox, The
  Vinson Brown
  64 pages
  Price: $6.95
Essay on the cause of the rejection of God's prophets, which includes important Bible prophecies. Page for page translation into Esperanto.
Not Every
Sea Hath Pearls Not Every Sea Hath Pearls
  Loulie Mathews
  192 pages
  Price: $8.95
This is a collection of forty very touching incidents and stories about people the author encountered (even lepers and cannibals) on her adventure around the world during the end of the Heroic Age of the Faith.
for Christ's New Name Preparing for Christ's New Name
  Alex Gottdank
  64 pages
  Price: $4.95
Condenses a three-year dialog between the author and a friend as their discussion focused primarily on the Scriptural issues of Christ's return. Are we prepared for Christ's return? How will He return? When will He return? Where will He return?
the Glorious Lord Tracking the Glorious Lord
  Vinson Brown
  128 pages
  Price: $8.95
This book illustrates the meaning of many Biblical prophecies using a theory the author calls "the system of significant pattern-making", which help reveal the necessary existence of God.