Book Reviews of The Bible Revisited: Collected Essays.

1. "George Savitt, who for years wrote a column in 'The Miami Times' under the byline Phil Ossofer, has compiled a book of his columns on the Bible.

"Recently published, the book is entitled The Bible Revisited and is dedicated to Garth Reaves, publisher of 'The Miami Times'.

"Savitt, who will be 81 in September, said his book is the result of a study of religion that he started in 1950 when he started reading the Bible." (The Miami Herald, May 9, 1991)

2. We stand at the birth of a new age with its growing pains, said Martin Luther King, Jr. This book puts an arm around mankind's shoulder and leads us through our world's past into our world's future. Our author, as guide, is guided himself by other great religious thinkers. Arnold Toynbee, English educator, said our first precept is to study our nation's history, for its part in unifying mankind. Our second precept is to give religious history primacy over economic and political history, for it holds the key to existence--the rock that stands while empires fall. Yet, author Savitt says religion turns us off because we've got to see to believe; we are separated by rituals and dogmas and we forget love and unity. So morals decay. But by the end of this book we begin to feel certainty of universal unity, intellectual and spiritual maturity, unity in diversity, and a wider love. All this in easy, down to earth language: our car needs the steering wheel of religion, and we now have the knowledge and depth of spirit for the advanced model we're driving. (from the back cover of The Bible Revisited)