Book Information of Preparing for Christ's New Name.

Are we prepared for Christ's return?

How will He return?

When will He return?

Where will He return?

Will Christ's name be different when He returns?

Compare your views with those held by a Christian and a Bahá'í as they study Scripture together.

Alex Gottdank, a middle school history and English teacher, was raised in a predominantly Jewish family. In high school he became involved with a YMCA youth group and began attending Christian summer and winter camps. Moved by the spirit shown in these gatherings, Alex began to read the Bible cover to cover. This exposed him to the love, sacrifice, and teachings of Jesus Christ. As a result he accepted Christ into his life and began sharing the Gospel with friends. This book related a discussion between Alex and one of those friends, Brian Wessel, a member of the Bahá'í Faith. It condenses a three-year discussion they had that focused primarily on the Scriptural issues of Christ's return. Alex hopes that the insights gained from this dialogue will benefit both Christians and Bahá'ís, and that a spirit of mutual respect and understanding will permeate their relations.