Book Reviews of Incredible Paradox, The.

1. This book encourages the reader to adopt the searching and open-mined attitude of a scientist in regard to religious questions. Most people are born into their religion without having investigated it for themselves. Those who claim to be the guardians of any particular religion are often emotionally attached to their personal interpretation of its teachings. Emotion, therefore, not reason, determines their response to new religious ideas. As a result, when a new prophet is sent by God to humanity, he is always widely rejected because he does not appear in the way people expect. This is the "incredible paradox"--the event that people have awaited with great anticipation is not recognized by them when it comes. In the mid-nineteenth century two prophets appeared in Persia, claiming to be God's latest messengers to the people of this planet. They were rejected and persecuted; thousands of their followers were put to death. It is a story of these events and the eventual triumph of the new teachings. (from the back cover)