Book Reviews of Adventures of Dawn-Breaker.

1. "Russ and Gina had this dream. They had ordered their trimaran which was built in Florida, and on behalf of the Blessed Beauty, Baha'u'llah, they planned to sail away and visit all those remote Pacific Islands mentioned by 'Abdu'l-Baha in Tablets of the Divine Plan. Is that being 'in tune' with the spirit, or isn't it? Well ahead of time? They were already brushing up on their navigation and running the names of those far off exotic and exciting islands over their tongues. They carefully studied every essential idea necessary for survival on such a dramatic, thrilling but hazardous journey by sea. In many places in that vast, almost measureless sea, the Pacific was hardly accurate or trustworthy.

"When Russ and Gina's friends heard they were planning to sail away into the Pacific, and leave behind the 'City of the Angels,' it caused quite an uproar. Hardly anyone agreed with their plans, or thought it was proper for them to leave. Both Russ and Gina were eminently successful - in both the world of entertainment, and in their precious Baha'i work. They would be desperately missed. All too true. Gina sang like an angel. She was a charming and talented entertainer who had already won over the hearts of audiences in both the U.S.A. and on the Continent. Russ was busy composing, arranging and scoring for both films and television. He was coming to the peak of a brilliant career in his chosen field...

"Russ and Gina received their spectacular send-off from Florida where their ship Dawn-Breaker lay impatiently straining at its anchor. The remarkable series of events that followed in its wake are described in the book Adventures of Dawn-Breaker." (William Sears)

2. "Without her husband Russ to help meet and overcome the traumatic events of hurricanes, typhoons and dangerous reefs of the Caribbean and South Pacific, Gina would probably not have lived to tell this tremendous story of adventure, both physical and gloriously spiritual. She writes to make you feel yourself the blazing sunsets and sunrises, the dark cloud masses and terrific storms, the interesting people, black, yellow, brown and white, who give a kaleidoscope of interesting color, action and funny ways in this book." (Vinson Brown)