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Books On Crafts/Hobbies
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At Home in
the Wilderness At Home in the Wilderness
  Sun Bear
  90 pages
  Price: $6.95
All those who plan a return to a living-off-the-land way of life, can learn many wilderness arts and methods from this author, a Chippewa Indian.
Basketry Plants Basketry Plants
Used by Western American Indians
  Justin Farmer
  244 pages
  Price: $19.95
Many Indian basket devotees are only vaguely familiar with plant material used to create baskets, despite the fact that basketry identifications depends on recognizing plants used. Thirty-seven of the most common plant species used have been selected. Each plant is shown in color as photographed in the field and also a basket using the plant. Specifics are given for fifty-seven Western American tribes, their basketry characteristics, weaving style and plants they used in coiling and twining, plus their indicative basket patterns.

Birds in
Nest Boxes Birds in Nest Boxes
  Charlotte C. Corkran
  144 pages
  Price: $15.95
How to help, study, and enjoy birds when snags are scarce Written for beginning bird lovers and professional ornithologists alike, this beautiful book has 150 color photos and information on things you need to start a nest box program, such as site preferences, nesting cycles, making and checking nest boxes.
Card Game Cinnabar Card Game
  Vinson Brown
  Price: $8.95
Out of Print
These 56 playing cards with full-color photos are a fun way to learn to identify rocks and minerals by grouping into sets such as quartz minerals, sulfide minerals, igneous rocks, etc.
Constellation Card Game Constellation Card Game
  Vinson Brown
  Price: $8.95
These 36 playing cards are a fascinating way to track down the stars and constellations in the sky. Location and which months they can be seen is given.
the Native American-Style Flute Enjoying the Native American-Style Flute
  Henry R. Hermann
  112 pages
  Price: $10.95
This book contains everything a flutist needs to know to enjoy an instrument that is rapidly growing in popularity: playing, making, caring for the flute, and references to videos, internet sites and flute companies. Illustrations, diagrams, and color photos.
Food Self-Sufficiency Food Self-Sufficiency
  Walter Gullett
  240 pages
  Price: $12.95
Out of print
A blend of almanac, how-to, encyclopedia, and friendly neighborhood advice, for both the city and country dweller.
Out of Print, seconds available
Give Peas
A Chance Give Peas A Chance
  Peter Barbarow
  222 pages
  Price: $12.95
This book explains all you need to know to start and maintain a thriving organic garden, from soil chemistry and preparation to composting or propagation.
Goldenrod, A Game of Wildflowers Goldenrod, A Game of Wildflowers
  Ruth Wheeler
  Price: $8.95
These 55 playing cards with full-color paintings are a fun way to learn the wild flowers, including many of the state flowers.
Designs Indian Designs
  David VillaseĀ¤or
  48 pages
  Price: $10.95
This collection of 48 Indian designs, developed by cultures centuries old, can be used for ceramics, scout projects, needlepoint, metalwork, carving, and weaving.
Indiancraft Indiancraft
  144 pages
  Price: $12.95
Clear, concise instructions for acquiring materials and making many popular Native American handicrafts. Fully illustrated.
Making Jerky Making
  Brad Prowse
  48 pages
  Price: $7.95
Hikers, sport enthusiasts, homemakers, and kitchen buffs, will appreciate this easy-to-follow book on making dried meat snacks at a fraction of store-bought costs.
Juniper, A
Game of Trees Juniper, A Game of Trees
  Ruth Wheeler
  Price: $8.95
These 55 playing cards with full-color paintings are a fun way to learn the trees by grouping family types together.
Making a
Clock-Accurate Sundial Making a Clock-Accurate Sundial
  Sam Muller
  64 pages
  Price: $9.95
Customized to Your Location. Easy directions and detailed diagrams for making your own sundial.
Native American Pottery Making Native American Pottery
  Michael Simpson
  80 pages
  Price: $9.95
Michael Simpson tells in easy-to-understand steps, according to traditional methods, how to make several types of Native American pots.
Card Game Monarch Card Game
  Ruth Wheeler
  Price: $8.95
These 60 full-color playing cards are a fun way to indentify butterflies and moths. Aim is to get sets such as skippers, sphinx moths, etc.
A Card Game of Sea Shells Nautilus, A Card Game of Sea Shells
  Gordon Melvin
  Price: $8.95
These 56 full-color playing cards are a fun way to learn to indentify the world's most beautiful sea shells.
Basketmaking Pomo Basketmaking
  Elsie Allen
  67 pages
  Price: $9.95
A Supreme Art for the Weaver. The author gives step-by-step, well illustrated directions for recreating the beautiful and useful famous Pomo baskets.
Your Own Plants Propagate Your Own Plants
  149 pages
  Price: $10.95
Two ladies from a garden club joined talents to help others share the enjoyment of their favorite hobby.
and Applique Quilting and Applique
  Charlotte Bass
  96 pages
  Price: $15.95
out of print
with Southwest Indian Designs. Complete and detailed instructions and illustrations for creating your own Southwest Indian quilts. Has quick sewing tips, choosing fabrics and even how to contruct a quilting frame.
Sculpture: The Joy of Carving Stone Rock Sculpture: The Joy of Carving Stone
  Violet Stage
  48 pages
  Price: $7.95
In a practical and personal way, the author explains the basic equipment needed, the best kinds of stone to carve, and the anatomy of subjects.
Tricks of
the Trail Tricks of the Trail
  Roy Santoro
  192 pages
  Price: $9.95
This book offers advice on selecting outdoor equipment, dealing with medical emergencies, and basic survival skills, for both the backpacker and hiker.
Welcome to
the Moon Welcome to the Moon
  Robert Bruce Kelsey
  112 pages
  Price: $11.95
For beginning astronomers or science educators, this is a fun, hands-on book that offers 12 expeditions to exciting lunar features.
Plant Cookbook Wild Plant Cookbook
  Bill & Bev Beatty
  174 pages
  Price: $9.95
This book is a perfect resource for those interested in good health and food self-sufficiency, who want to know the vitamins and minerals our bodies need, and which wild plants contain them.
Where Wild Things Live Where Wild Things Live
  Dan Story
  128 pages
  Price: $13.95
Wildlife is everywhere insists Dan Story, yet wildlife watchers and photographers lament they rarely see animals in their natural environment. Skills are explained, even for beginners, to locate and observe animals without frightening them away. He suggests the best watching habitats including open spaces close to cities and towns.