Book Reviews of Quilting and Applique.

1. "With complete and detailed instructions, this book contains 26 quilt patterns for creating your own Southwest Indian quilts, 48 annotated illustrations and 25 color quilt photos. Also included are instructions for making a sturdy wooden quilting frame. From Kachinas and dancers to Indian mothers and warriors, the designs are absolutely beautiful. Learn new techniques from this master quilter and create a piece of art!" (Carol A. Myers, Book Talk, New Mexico Book League, July 1999)

2. "The craft book combines quilt-making with learning about Southwest Indian culture. In this cultural context, it explores the purpose and use of colors, symbols, sewing and quilting techniques, and patterns. In addition to the detailed explanations, colorful photographs, pictorial instructions, and detailed patterns encourage creative quiltmaking and cultural study. As an example of how non-children-related books can be useful in classrooms, this book is a good addition to the study of Native American culture or the study of crafts." (Jennifer Larsen, Iowa Reading Journal, November 1999)

3. "Quilting & Applique with Southwest Indian Designs is an 8 1/2" x 11" wonderful book. The patters are based on Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo Indian symbolism, and the colors are as authentic as possible. The beginning of the book shows readers how to perform the various techniques needed to make this beautiful and useful art." (L.A. Van Veghel, BookLovers, Feb./Mar./Apr. 1999)