Book Reviews of Nautilus, A Card Game of Sea Shells.

1. Dr. A. Gordon Melvin, who has for many years had a deep continuing interest in the study of molluscan life, developed the Nautilus card game. Dr. Melvin has personally collected shells on Massachusetts and other East Coast shores, and in such far-away places as East and West Mexico, Japan, and Ceylon. With this long experience with shells, he has carefully considered what the average collector needs to know about shells. In addition to the common name, the scientific name and country where each can be found is given.

Nautilus has 56 cards arranged in sets to teach interesting seashell families, and portray accurately in lovely color some of the most remarkable seashells that can be found.

There are directions for several different card games with varying levels of difficultly. One of the basic games mentioned is to get sets of four cards in the same family. For young children the game could be played by only asking for the numbers on the cards such as 8A, 8B, 8C, of 8D. A more advanced game would be to ask for the shells by their common names. For the serious collector or student the game could involve asking for the scientific names as well as the common name.