Book Reviews of Making a Clock-Accurate Sundial.

1. "I have reviewed the new book you are publishing entitled Making A Clock-Accurate Sundial Customized to Your Location by Sam Muller. I find this book to be interesting and valuable to science teachers, and I would recommend it to colleagues for several reason. First, I think the book will be very useful for teachers and parents alike to teach students about the concept of telling time. Typically, it is difficult to teach elementary and middle grades students about the concept of time, because the earth's tilt and orbit are abstract ideas. Sam Muller's book does a wonderful job of making this concept more understandable by providing simple directions for making a sundial that can be used to indirectly witness the earth's motion. Second, Mr. Muller also provides a number of related activities using a globe to teach other difficult concepts including Daylight Savings Time, Standard Time, Latitude and Longitude, time zones, and Lunar motion. His activities are easy to complete, and they provide dramatic results that demonstrate to students how time is calculated. Finally, Mr. Muller concludes the book with basic scientific information that provides the reader the basic background knowledge needed to understand the activities." (Charlene M. Czerniak, Associate Professor of Education, University of Toledo, President of School and Mathematics Association, Director of the Science Education Council of Ohio)