Book Reviews of Jerky Making.

1. "Jerky Making: For the Home, Trail and Campfire will appeal to hikers, sports enthusiasts and outdoorsmen who need light weight nutritious snacks that will keep safely for a long time. Jerky Making will enable anyone to make jerky in a variety of flavors at a fraction of what store-bought jerky costs. Using only common household kitchen utensils, just follow the easy-to-follow steps for a delicious and healthy taste treat. Also featured is an informative chapter on how Native Americans made the form of jerky called 'pemmican'. Highly recommended." (James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review, March 1998)

2. Jerky was probably humankind's earliest attempt at preserving food. It was used extensively by the American Indians from whom the pioneers learned to make it.

When asked to give a concise, accurate, sales-appealing description of his book, Brad Prowse answered, "jerky tastes good. It's healthy. It keeps for a long time. It makes a good, lightweight snack or meal for bicycling, hiking, picnicking, or just munching. It's also high priced. But with my book you can easily make good, nutritious dried meat snacks at home in a variety of flavors, and at a fraction of the cost of store-bought jerky."

Brad Prowse's book is a compilation of all the things he learned, through trial and error, about making jerky. (from an announcement about Jerky Making)