Book Reviews of Give Peas A Chance.

1. "This zany/practical/funny/serious book has been out for several years, but we hadn't seen it until recently. Too bad for us! All the text is hand-lettered, and there are delightful cartoonish sketches on most pages. It truly is fun to read--and while you're laughing, you'll get a first-rate education in the fundamentals of soil science, plant physiology, entomology, and ecology. Barbarow has a knack for explaining even abstruse subjects in a clear, easily accessible way.

"Amazingly. there is nothing superficial about Barbarow's cartoon approach to science. You'll learn many of the same concepts covered in introductory college horticulture courses--and we guarantee you won't be bored stiff (as we were in one such course). There are individual chapters on composting, soil preparation, soil chemistry, fertilizers, garden design, plant propagation, watering, and pest control.

"We recommend this book to just about everybody: beginning and advanced gardeners, students looking for science project ideas, even non-gardeners curious about "where food comes from." (Hortideas, September 1995)

2. "This book is an informative adventure into organic gardening. The scientific facts and chemistry as well as basic gardening are explained by word and cartoon. Anyone can understand this book. The cartoons explained, very well, many scientific facts about the process of gardening. Don't be misled, this is an adult book. The author does not insult your intelligence by talking down to the reader. He just tells 'it' lightly." (Barbara S. Jones, California Garden, July-August 1996)