Book Information of Birds in Nest Boxes.

Written for beginning bird lovers and professional ornithologists alike, this book will help you discover the fascination and importance of nest box monitoring. Although the research and photos are for Western birds, the general principles are applicable throughout the United States and Canada.

The book is very thorough. Not only is information given on creating homes for wildlife and putting up nest boxes, but has tips on how to have the best results, invite certain species, and safeguards from predators. The author outlines the stages of the nesting cycle; lists problems such as weather and predation giving solutions; and information on checking and monitoring nest boxes. To check out what species of bird a nest belongs to, a bird nest identification key is provided. The references have additional information for permits, organizations, and books.

There are 150 color photos taken by the author and Beverly LaBelle of birds, their eggs, nests, nestlings, and nest boxes.