Book Reviews of At Home in the Wilderness.

1. "It has been said before--we have much to learn from the Indians. Most of Indian lore has been Boy Scout-ized and this book captures a bit of the flavor of living off (and in harmony with) the land as the Amerinds once did. Sun Bear brings to his subject the rather astute outlook of a red man who has lived the white man's technological fiascoes--smog, supermarkets, and jobs. Yet his perception of his ancestors' skills in foraging, hunting, and shelter building is very native. It's nice to know, for instance, that when Indians gathered herbs and plants for medicine and food they would never take the first greens they came to, but pass them by to ensure survival of the species." (Free Magazine, Spring/Summer 1972)

2. "Here is delightful reminiscence plus survival tips, trail-wise ways, recipes for Navajo War Bread and Chippewa Succotash, making soap and tanning hides. And a sense of values that too many white men, if they ever knew them, have forgotten." (The Register, October 10, 1971)