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Seventy Years of Book Publishing

Appreciation: We are grateful to have sustained seventy years as a family business, a longevity record unique for most businesses. We pause to give credit and thanks to the several thousand loyal customers who, over the decades, have made this feat possible through their purchase and use of Naturegraph books.

Mission Statement: To publish Books for a Better World that are well written and researched, clear and easily understood, which give knowledge and awareness of nature in all its myriad forms, and increased understanding and appreciation of the Native American's heritage and culture.

History: Vinson Brown founded Naturegraph in 1946. He named his new company Nature (for nature) graph, (for well written or drawn). With his love of nature and a masters in natural history from Stanford University, he decided to publish nature leaflets and maps, which were purchased by school systems. In 1950 he was joined by his wife, Barbara. and nature books replaced the leaflets. With a degree in anthropology from U.C. Berkeley, CA plus Vinson's love for Native people, a second publishing niche was added, that of Native Americans.

Naturegraph moved four times as it expanded during the past 70 years. It began in Los Altos, CA, near Stanford in 1946 in only one large room. In 1953 we moved to San Martin, CA (three rooms). In 1960 we located near Healdsburg, CA (three buildings, but poor work-flow), and in 1976 we moved to Happy Camp, CA where we designed and built a 10,000 square foot building for Naturegraph. This ancient land of the Karuk seemed an appropriate location, suited to both our nature and Native American publishing categories. It is situated on a small level area between a forested mountainside and the rocky gorge of Indian Creek, a year-round, clear stream where salmon spawn in the fall.

Future: Naturegraph is still growing as we strive with your support to further the interests of our readers, combined with our belief that the knowledge and traditions of yesteryear are important to the future; that mankind and nature should live harmoniously together.